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Cookers are usually viewed as reliable, functional domestic appliances, which will continue to work effectively for many years. So if youíve found that yours is causing problems Ė perhaps itís not cooking the food sufficiently? or burning it? or even is not starting up at all? then we recommend that you give us a call.

You can rely on our Gas Safe registered cooker repair team to assist whether your cooker is old or new, and no matter what problems itís having. In fact, we can tackle the following problems, among others:

  • Fan faults
  • Faulty grill elements
  • Missing knobs and switches
  • Malfunctioning thermostats

Both electric and gas cookers can be problematic from time to time, but our team have the knowledge and experience to provide you with safe and professional appliance repairs, no matter what the issue. We know that itís important that your cooker is repaired by a professional engineers as soon as possible, which is why we urge you to contact us as soon as you notice a problem.

Our dedicated team can help to halt gas leaks and perform cooker repairs on the issues, and you can rely on them to have your appliance back up and running perfectly again in no time. Whatever the problem, and whatever make or model of cooker you have, you can rely on us to provide you with repairs of the highest standard. Plus, a repair from our team could save you the cost of replacing your appliance, so whatíre you waiting for?

  • Gas and electric hobs
  • Grill elements
  • Electrical panels
  • Ignition switches and knobs
  • Defective hobs

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Services That We Can Offer:

  • Replacement Cooker Elements
  • Interior Light Replacement
  • Replacement Handles
  • Faulty Thermostats
  • New Fan Motors
  • Replacement Hinges
  • All Repairs Fixed